Your Home Away From Home (Photos)

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Apple Blossom Bed & Breakfast
3582 Apple Way Blvd, West Kelowna, BC, Canada
V4T 1Y7
Phone:(250) 768-7026

The Spanish said it best, “Mi casa es su casa.” My home is your home. My objective is to make your stay at the Apple Blossom a truly inviting, pleasant experience.  Allow me to take you on a mini-tour. Let’s begin with the exterior.


From the outside, this is what you’ll see: A lovely, well-maintained home surrounded by vibrant plant life, with a spectacular view of the lake, starting with this!



Canada’s Paradise. Surreal beauty at your fingertips. The photographs speak for themselves.unnamed-29


Panoramic view of Okanagan Lake.


 What a great place to enjoy a beverage or meal, or meditate,  while inhaling this fresh mountain air.

View of the lake.

View of the lake.

Lake View (2)

View of the lake (2)








View of the lake (3)

Garden view

Gorgeous botanicals












In the garden.

In the garden.









A lovely spot to sit and relax.


Another view of property garden










Inside, guest rooms are located on the main level, which is separate from the private residence, above. Each guest room as its own private ensuite, and ceiling fans for air circulation. There are four guest rooms, all with mattresses carefully selected for utmost comfort. Guest room # 1 contains a king-sized bed, which can be modified to allow for 2 single beds.  Guest room # 2 contains a tub for relaxation and pampering.  Guest room # 3 has a bonus door, which leads directly out to the garden.

Guest room 4

Guest room 1 – King-size bed, which can be modified to allow for two single beds.

Guest room 2.

Guest room 2 – Queen Suite with tub for relaxation and pampering.







Guest room 3 – two entries: Has additional door leading out to lovely garden, with running water feature, beautiful flowers, and songbirds.

Enjoy a clean, comfortable living space with exceptional hospitality, and excellent home-style cooking.


food collage









Apple Blossom tree.

Apple Blossom tree.

Fragrant Apple Blossom

Fragrant Apple Blossom













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